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Application Process

  • All properties managed by Kampfer Enterprises, Inc are No Smoking / No smoker properties.
  • You must view the rental unit prior to receiving applications.
  • When you have viewed the rental unit you may receive applications from our office. Each person 18 years of age and older must fill out an application.
  • It is a $35.00 per person application fee which must be paid by Cashier’s Check or Money Order.
  • All properties are first come first serve, we do not reserve units.
  • We do not accept incomplete applications. All parties in the living group must turn in completed application packets together, including co-signers (if applicable).
  • When the completed applications packets are turned it takes approximately three days to process. Some exceptions may apply due to rental references or criminal background checks. Some jurisdictions are not computerized and may take longer.
  • Once you have been approved you will be notified by both phone and e-mail. Once you have been notified you have three (3) business days to contact us, make an appointment and to sign lease documents.
  • Initial rent payment and the security deposit must be paid with a Cashier’s Check or Money Order.
  • Monthly rent may be paid with Personal Checks, Cashier’s Check or Money Orders. For safety reasons, Kampfer Enterprises, Inc. will not accept Cash payments.
  • Please remember, your demeanor, and the demeanor of those with you, will be taken into consideration during the application process.

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Move In Instructions

  • Prior to picking up keys you must have all applicable utilities set up in your name. You should have received a Utilities Set Up form when you signed your Lease Documents (this does not apply to Maple Tree Village or Oak Grove Commons where utilities are included with rent). This must be turned in to the office prior to receiving keys to your new home.
  • A copy of your Proof of Renter’s Insurance must be turned in to the office prior to picking up keys to your new home.
  • Once you have received keys to your new home you should do a thorough walk through of your new home and mark any deficiencies on the Move In / Move Out worksheet given to you. Include a description of the deficiency as required. Please feel free to include pictures of any deficiencies. This should be turned in to the office within 24 hours of receiving keys.
  • Make an appointment to have your locks rekeyed with AM/PM Locksmith. This has been prepaid for you. The locksmith will rekey all exterior locks including any exterior storage unit, garage door or mailbox (if not supplied by the postal service). Arrangements for this should be made during your first week of tenancy. If you have not arranged with the locksmith to have your locks rekeyed during the first week of tenancy, we will make arrangements to have your locks rekeyed and you will have to pick up the new keys from our offices. This is a safety issue and must be performed. Do not use any other locksmith than AM/PM Locksmith or the charge for rekeying will be billed to you.
  • Set up your mailbox with the post office. If you are using something other than your home address as your mailing address you must notify Kampfer Enterprises, Inc. of you accurate mailing address. You must have a mailing address set up.

[restab title=”Move In Checklist”]

Move In Checklist

  • Utilities set up
  • Proof of Renters Insurance
  • Move In Checklist filled out/turned in to office
  • Locks Rekeyed
  • Mailbox set up

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Move Out Instructions

  • If you choose to not renew your lease, please return the 30 Day Notice included in your renewal packet. Even though you are on a lease we do require a written 30 Day Notice of your intent to move out.Although you are on a fixed term lease, your lease end date may not be the most convenient date for you to move. With your 30 Day Notice you can arrange to stay for a few additional days as needed. If your needs are to remain longer that an additional week, please contact our office to make arrangements. We can usually accommodate most requests.
  • Cleaning – Prior to your move in, your carpets and blinds were professionally cleaned, and if the prior tenant did not clean thoroughly, the unit overall was professionally cleaned as well. Per your Lease Agreement, you are to return the unit in the same condition. Once we have received your 30 Day Notice you will be sent a copy of the Authorized Vendors form you were given at Move In. It is your responsibility to have your apartment cleaned either by you or a professional cleaning company. We do not have authorized cleaning companies although we have included the names of two local companies for your convenience.The Authorized Vendors list includes Carpet and Blind cleaning vendors. It is your responsibility to arrange to have these items cleaned in addition to the cleaning of the unit. The invoices for carpet cleaning and blind cleaning must be turned in to the office along with your keys. If invoices for the carpet and blind cleaning are not turned in with your keys, we will schedule the cleaning and the cost will be deducted from your security deposit.If you would prefer, we will arrange for the carpet and blind cleaning only, but you must arrange in advance with our office to ensure this does not become a negative on your rental reference. Please Remember – the Landlord’s Definition of Clean will be the Final Determination. Once the unit has been completely and thoroughly cleaned you must turn all keys into our office. If you are turning in your keys after hours or on the weekend, there is a drop box to the right of our entrance. Place the keys in an envelope with your name and unit address on the front and drop them in the box.
  • *By turning in your keys to the office at the end of your lease, you are acknowledging Kampfer Enterprises, Inc. now has possession of your unit and rent will no longer be charged.
  • The Security Deposit is sent to one designated tenant. If we do not receive a forwarding address form signed by all tenants, with one tenant designated to receive the security deposit, we will send the security deposit to the “Primary Tenant” in our computer system.If you have not previously given us the forwarding address for the tenant that is to receive the security deposit, make sure it is included in the envelope with your keys. If you do not give us a forwarding address your security deposit will be mailed to your rental unit with the request to “please forward”. Once your keys have been turned in, we will not make phone calls to get a forwarding address. It is your responsibility to make sure you have supplied our office with that information.

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Move Out Checklist

  • 30 Day Notice turned in
  • Designate security deposit recipient
  • Forwarding Address turned in to office
  • Unit thoroughly cleaned per checklist supplied
  • Carpets scheduled and/or cleaned and receipts turned in to office
  • Blinds scheduled and/or cleaned and receipts turned in to office
  • Keys turned in to officeBy turning in your keys to the office at the end of your lease, you are acknowledging Kampfer Enterprises, Inc. now has possession of your unit and rent will no longer be charged.